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The Swallows A New Teacher At A New England Prep School Ignites A Gender War With Deadly Consequences In A Provocative Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Passenger And The Spellman Files Series What Do You Love What Do You Hate What Do You Want It Starts With This Simple Writing Prompt From Alex Witt, Stonebridge Academy S New Creative Writing Teacher When The Students Answers Raise Disturbing Questions Of Their Own, Ms Witt Knows There S Going On The School Than The Faculty Wants To See She Soon Learns About The Ten The Students At The Top Of The School S Social Hierarchy As Well As Their Connection To Something Called The DarkroomMs Witt Can T Remain A Passive Observer She Finds The Few Girls Who Ve Started To Question The School S Boys Will Be Boys Attitude And Incites A Resistance That Quickly Becomes A Movement But Just As It Gains Momentum, She Also Attracts The Attention Of An Unknown Enemy Who Knows A Little Too Much About Her Including What Brought Her To Stonebridge In The First PlaceMeanwhile, Gemma, A Defiant Senior, Has Been Plotting Her Attack For Years, Waiting For The Right Moment Shy Loner Norman Hates His Role In The Darkroom, But Can T Find The Courage To Fight Back Until He Makes An Unlikely Alliance And Then There S Finn Ford, An English Teacher With A Shady Reputation Who Keeps One Eye On His Literary Ambitions And One On Ms WittAs The School S Secrets Begin To Trickle Out, A Boys Versus Girls Skirmish Turns Into An All Out War, With Deeply Personal And Potentially Fatal Consequences For Everyone Involved Lisa Lutz S Blistering, Timely Tale Shows Us What Can Happen When Silence Wins Out Over Decency For Too Long And Why The Scariest Threat Of All Might Be The Idea That Sooner Or Later, Girls Will Be Girls

About the Author: Lisa Lutz

Lisa Lutz is the New York Times bestselling author of the six books in the Spellman series, How to Start a Fire, Heads you Lose with David Hayward , and the children s book, How to Negotiate Everything illustrated by Jaime Temairik Her latest book, The Passenger, a psychological thriller, will be published March 2016 by Simon and Schuster Lutz has won the Alex award and has been nominated for

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    A new teacher at a third rate boarding school assigns to her creative writing students the task of answering what appear to be innocent questions The answers reveal much than she anticipated not only about the students themselves but about hidden activities occurring at the school

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    4.5 stars, rounded upI was a huge fan of Lutz s The Passenger and the entire Spellman series While the Spellman books were all just great fun, The Passenger showed she had the chops to do an intriguing, serious mystery With The Swallows, we get something different again Alex Witt arrives at

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    Dang it Honestly, it pains me to give this one anything less than a stellar review, as Lisa Lutz is one of my favorite authors, and I credit her Spellman Files series to getting me out of a multi year reading slump All that to say, please take this review with a grain of salt, and know full well that

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    At the beginning of this book I thought, Okay, this clearly takes place in a fictional universe of boarding school novels where we have dropped all pretense that anything in it is real or related to real life And I was willing to suspend my disbelief for that Boarding school novels can be campy fun or dark mi

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    This is my first Lisa Lutz book and I really enjoyed the read This was so off the wall that I didn t take any of it seriously and just went with it I don t think the book was meant to be serious although there are some deep seated male female issues shining through You can read the intro to find out what the book it a

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    3.5 stars This one took me too long to finish, and by the end, I was just wanting to get it over with That s not to say that the story itself and writing weren t good, because they absolutely were There were just so many characters I had to write them down with little notes as to who was who, because I wasn t sure who was goin

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    Let me start this little spiel by praising Lisa Lutz I ve loved her talent for quite some time Shoot, I am even one of the few who genuinely loved Heads You Lose Which I still suggest for a fun read on Reddit all the time And the Spellman series permanently bonded me to Lisa Lutz as a fan So I went into The Swallows with

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    Memory and reality are like cousins Best case scenario, they re like first cousins But sometimes they re the kind of cousins who can marry Yes, friends That s a direct quote Please feel free to laugh out loud like I did The Swallows, is filled with tons of wittiest, wildness and it even speaks of a few ok busted many B.J s but it has no BS The

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    A sparrow is young and pretty, or that s what they think at first, before they hook up This dark, twisty, disturbing, provocative, feminsta of a read will have you second guessing sending your kids to boarding school.Now I suppose the first question we must ask ourselves as parents Whose keeping score Boys v Girls Alexandra Witt was a teacher who ignite

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    The Swallows was ridiculous and over the top and I loved it If you re looking for Sex Education Netflix in book form for the MeToo generation, this is your book Just make sure you go in wanting a bit of a romp, because I think if taken too seriously, The Swallows won t land It s a fun book.It s multi POV, 1st person with helpful chapter headings to let you know

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