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The Cake Bible Inductee Into The IACP Culinary Classics Hall Of Fame If You Ever Bake A Cake, This Book Will Become Your Partner In The Kitchen From The Foreword By Maida HeatterThis Is The Classic Cake Cookbook That Enables Anyone To Make Delicious, Exquisite Cakes As A Writer For Food Magazines, Women S Magazines, And Newspapers, Including The New York Times, Rose Levy Beranbaum S Trademark Is Her Ability To Reduce The Most Complex Techniques To Easy To Follow Recipes Rose Makes Baking A Joy This Is The Definitive Work On Cakes By The Country S Top Cake BakerThe Cake Bible Shows How To Mix A Buttery, Tender Layer Cake In Under Five Minutes With Perfect Results Every TimeMake The Most Fabulous Chocolate Cake You Ever Imagined With Just Three IngredientsFind Recipes For Every Major Type Of Cake, From Pancakes To Four Tiered Wedding CakesMake Cakes With Less Sugar But Maximum Flavor And TextureMake Many Low To No Cholesterol, Low Saturated Fat Recipes

About the Author: Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose Levy Beranbaum is an award winning American baker and cookbook author.

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    I think this woman might be mad My man, my ma and I spent an entire day constructing her white lilac nostalgia cake, which I sucker chose for its name It involves a mouselline What is a mouselline Mainly delicious varieties of fat As we are baking all of the nuptial cakes our own mad selves we needed, of course, the cake bible The recipes involve asteriks and multiple sidebars and accompanying essays and pronunciation keys and ingred

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    Everything in this recipe works the first time you try it Well, except if you try to make spun sugar or hard caramel on a rainy day, but she does say not to do that Each recipe ends with a section explaining why the recipe is put together the way it is, and the explanations are thorough enough that you could modify recipes successfully if you were feeling brave I don t know why you d need to, though, as there are SO MANY cake decorating opt

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    While The X Bible is an all too common cutesey title, in this case it is actually justified This is a fantastic book on cake baking, covering almost every subject you can think of in the realm Ok, except high altitude baking A personal gripe, b c we live at high altitude and almost nobody covers it well For a notable exception, check out Purdy s Pie in the Sky Successful Baking at High Altitudes Anyway, the point is that this is a lovely book for

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    This book is the reason I am a better baker I think that this book was enough frankly, RLB could ve stopped here The other Bible books she s written are not, in my opinion, remotely equal to this one for depth, breadth, or detail Years later, I still find new things to love.Is it complicated Yes I have, however, read it cover to coverthan once, and appreciate the complexity and detail, because they are in service of the greater goal of truly understandin

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    Five stars best cake book and only cake book you will ever need I don t know how one woman compiled this encyclopedia of information and calculations but she is amazing Considering myself DONE with this book because project wedding cake is done and I feel like I read this thing three times.

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    Back in the early 90s, I was watching the Today Show and saw a segment on The Cake Bible On it, the host was happily devouring a slice of one of the cakes Rose Levy Berenbaum had baked and raving how this was the best cake book ever At that time, I enjoyed baking but without a box mix the cakes were dry, kind of gritty and required a lot of time with separating the eggs, folding in etc From scratch was a requirement for me but moist and delicious was the goal I immedi

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    I m a chemist Baking is organic chemistry The Cake Bible teaches organic chemistry unintentionally and then you get to eat the results Can t do that in a chemistry lab I love Rose The Cake Bible is not a book for folks who want only simple, easy to follow recipes It s a book for learning about the processes and chemistry involved with baking After studying The Cake Bible, you will have a solid understanding of how ingredients combine to make different textures and flavors Th

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    It s the most wonderful time of the year For me, Christmas is all about getting blacked out on champagne and brandy cocktails And this year, I will use a buche de noel to soak up some of that booze Meringue mushrooms make the Baby Jesus laugh and smile This book contains a special section of photos of delightfully hideous extra fancy cakes from the eighties Still, it stands alone in precision Enjoy

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    As a frequent baker, I had high hopes for this book But I used Beranbaum s go to buttercream on a wedding cake and the cake had to be cut early because it could not withstand being in a well lit but not super hot room for even a couple hours So disappointed.

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    The best cake book I ve ever read It explains the whys.

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