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Temporary Wife Emily Lamb Thought Luke Adams Was Attractive And Powerful Enough To Arrange His Own Marriage But When Her Friend Gina Harrick Asked Her To Marry Him For Business Reasons, Emily Had Her Own Reasons For Agreeing.It Was, Of Course, To Be A Temporary Marriage Of Convenience Only Emily Hadn T Counted On Falling In Love With Luke Nor Had She Suspected That The Secret Behind The Business Reasons Was The Fact That Luke Was In Love With Gina, His Boss S Wife.

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    What a foul, filthy piece of filth the other woman was She may be the poster bitch for worst evil other woman EVER EVERRRRRRRR The H and the evil OW have been having an affair for two years Bad enough, yes, but it s compounded by

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    Ok a 4.25 for me 2 of the stars just for the h, Emily one of my all time favorite hs.The premise of the H loving OW always promises a lot of angst as happens in this one I generally like this trope quite well but of course the H h relatio

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    It was a good book and I liked the fact the heroine stayed quite strong until the end The male lead had no integrity or morals to sleep with a friends wife which he did right up till died so I don t think his character can ever be redeemed but th

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    Did nt liked the book,the character Luke was too shallow,selfish,manipulative,hypocrit and back stabber had no morals ethicshero Luke was in love with his friend boss Charles wife Gina and kept sleeping with her behind his Charles s back and when Charles

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    Altho I try to avoid such books, I have read a handful of romances where the hero was actively in love with another woman before finally turning toward the heroine I rarely believe in the HEA when a book starts this way and this one was no exception The hero was

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    3 stars for the heroine and a half a star for Roberta Leigh pulling off this scenario.Wonderfully compelling trainwreck of a book Hero marries the heroine to cover up his affair with his boss s wife If you can get past that premise you ll enjoy the book Heroine is engag

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    I have no words for my love for this book It was perfect in every way, exactly what I was craving for after months yes, months of not reading anythingIt was also one of the most unique books I have ever read, dealing with the issue of the H having an affair with

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    Why on earth did I give four stars to a book about a despicable, cheating, WEAK H Because he wasn t really the Hero he starts the book as very mediocre heroine Think about it He s a ridiculously good looking person in a career that supposedly requires decisiveness and brainpower, somet

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    So glad I picked this up on a whim and went straight into it without reading any reviews so I could enjoy the ride without knowing what was coming H is in love with the boss s wife and having a full fledged love affair behind his back Yes, it s dispicable and I couldn t imagine how the H could

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    I couldn t quite get emotionally invested in Luke and Emily I liked the storyline It might have been better if it was longer so that some of the emotional changes realizations could have taken a little longer so the reader could become a little bit invested Well written but missed a little something

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