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Siamese White Foremost Among The Biographies That Maurice Collis Wrote During His Wide Ranging Literary Career Is Siamese White An Account Of The Career Of Samuel White Of Bath Who, During The Reign Of James II, Was Appointed By The King Of Siam As A Mandarin Of That Country The Book Superbly Embodies That Old Adage Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction A Magnificent Story, Full Of Interest And Excitement, But There Is To It Than That Collis, Who Has Lived For Years On The Scene Of These High Happenings, Is Able To Give Us A First Hand Picture Of A Fascinating Land Of A Lovely Archipelago, Of Rivers And Rapids, Of An Immemorial Track Through Jungles Haunted By Tigers And Malaria The Evening Standard

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Maurice Stewart Collis

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    If you are interested in some of history s strange byways, you could hardly do better than to read the works of Maurice Collis 1889 1973 Starting out as a British civil servant in Burma, Collis had accumulated a vast store of information a

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