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Pride: The Seven Deadly Sins Of The Seven Deadly Sins, Pride Is The Only One With A Virtuous Side It Is Certainly A Good Thing To Have Pride In One S Country, In One S Community, In Oneself But When Taken Too Far, As Michael Eric Dyson Shows In Pride, These Virtues Become Deadly Sins Dyson, Named By Ebony Magazine As One Of The 100 Most Influential African Americans, Here Looks At The Many Dimensions Of Pride Ranging From Augustine And Aquinas, MacIntyre And Hauerwas, To Niebuhr And King, Dyson Offers A Thoughtful, Multifaceted Look At This Virtuous Vice He Probes The Philosophical And Theological Roots Of Pride In Examining Its Transformation In Western Culture Dyson Discusses How Black Pride Keeps Blacks From Being Degraded And Excluded By White Pride, Which Can Be Invisible, Unspoken, But Nonetheless Very Powerful Dyson Also Offers A Moving Glimpse Into The Teachers And Books That Shaped His Personal Pride And Vocation Dyson Also Looks At Less Savory Aspects Of National Pride Since 9 11, He Notes, We Have Had To Close Ranks But The Collective Embrace Of All Things American, To The Exclusion Of Anything Else, Has Taken The Place Of A Much Richer, Much Enduring, Much Profound Version Of Love Of Country This Unchecked Pride Asserts The Supremacy Of America Above All Others Elevating Our National Beliefs Above Any Moral Court In The World And Attacking Critics Of American Foreign Policy As Unpatriotic And Even Traitorous Hubris, Temerity, Arrogance The Unquestioned Presumption That One S Way Of Life Defines How Everyone Else Should Live Pride Has Many Destructive Manifestations In This Engaging And Energetic Volume, Michael Eric Dyson, One Of The Nation S Foremost Public Intellectuals, Illuminates This Many Sided Human Emotion, One That Can Be An Indispensable Virtue Or A Deadly Sin. This book is different from the first that I read in this series, and was different and excellent because of its difference Found myself many times while reading this thinking how articulate that point was regarding issues of race and pride Particularly thought his contrasting of Denzel Washington s Oscar acceptance with Halle Berry s very helpful Worth a re read at some point. This book is part of a poorly executed series of books written by seven of the brightest minds of our time to bring seven deadly sins up to date for modernity or whatever The series is poorly executed because the contributing authors neglect as in fail to address the traditional theological approaches to these sins and because these authors attempts to bring these sins up to date often end up in either diluted versions of the original theological approach or they veer off into irrelevant, other meanings that are attached to the words So, lust is not inordinate sexual attraction, but merely an outdated prudery Gluttony is merely succumbing to junk food.Michael Eric Dyson makes a similar mistake when discussing pride First, he offers only a cursory and dismissive discussion of the standard Christian notion of pride and then wanders off into insisting that it s okay to have pride in oneself.He then goes on to explain why black pride is good and white pride is bad, without noting that his use of pride is different from the standard theological uses Even in this limited and equivocal discussion, Dyson does a poor job, not acknowledging the shortcomings of the one and not recognizing at least the irony behind the other Dyson identifies the constructive functions of black pride, does not admit to its potential pitfalls Dyson rightfully condemns white pride for the racist conceptualization that it is, but he does not discuss why people resort to that identity in the first place.This book is not about pride and the series this book is a part of is not about the seven deadly sins It s poorly done social commentary Therefore, on one level, any critique ought to take into account that the author s don t wish to really address the theological issues At the same time, all these sins carry such heavy baggage that a respectful discussion of that baggage is at least de rigueur A good rough draft. An interesting look at pride, but falling into the error of defining pride as thinking too much of yourself, rather than thinking of yourself too much The frame of race relations was helpful but ultimately too reductionistic. Too slanted Reads like a manifesto of afro american civil struggles, which is a pity It should have been about the follies of society on the whole.

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