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Introduction to Permaculture Reprint, New Edition, Tagari Page SoftcoverIntroduction To Permaculture Is An Updated And Revised Version Of The First Two Permaculture Books, Permaculture One Mollison And Holmgren, And Permaculture Two Mollison And Replaces Them New Material By Bill Mollison And Reny Mia Slay Has Been Inserted, Along With Excerpts From Permaculture A Designers Manual And Information Taken From Permaculture Design Courses Taught By Bill Mollison , And Lea Harrison Some Of The Illustrations In This Book Have Appeared In Permaculture Two And Permaculture A Designers Manual

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    I dipped into this classic several years ago, then returned it to the library Despite the wonderful illustrations, there wasn t enough information on any one topic to grab me during those early days.However, with severalyears of permaculture experimentation under my belt, Introduction to Permaculture strike

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    Great book to begin wrapping one s thought process around Permaculture I think this is something that should be required reading in the school system It would make for an interesting change in the way things are done in the world.

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    After many years as a scientist with the CSIRO Wildlife Survey Section and with the Tasmanian Island Fisheries Department, I began to protest against the political and industrial systems I saw were killing us and the world around us But I soon decided that it was no good persisting with opposition that in the end achieved noth

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    I found this easier to readpractical than the other books Bill wrote A must buy

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    An interesting book with lots of ideas and information about permaculture, although very prescriptive with little theory or evidence although I m hoping to get that from David Holmgren s book Permaculture Principles Pathways Beyond Sustainability which is sitting next to me But my main issue for not giving this book a higher rating is that Bill M

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    An extraordinary book by an extraordinary person In starting this book, I expected to find lots of instruction, technique, information, dull stuff What I didn t expect is a strong voice for hope, change, and philosophy I expected to learn how to, but I didn t expect the wisdom.For example, after unsuccessfully protesting the degregation of the environment

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    Seeing that this Introduction book was actually a collection of pamphlets, which in turn was a transcript of a Permaculture course back in 1981, I thought I might skim through it before putting it away Boy was I wrong It is filled with interesting ideas, making one want to try them Mollison is a genius, and now I feel like attending one of his courses in person.

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    A great way to start learning about permaculture It has been many years since I read this book cover to cover, but I use it as a reference frequently After spending a lot of time and money on professional permaculture classes, I ve discovered that really, everything you need to know is in this book with the assistance of Google searches and deep thinking.

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    Great resource for providing models of thought regarding efficient production of human use and animal use products, that is self supporting, sustainable, and scientific in its approach.

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    Permaculture gets hydrology and building community right the rest, well

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