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Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life In Today S Fast Paced, Increasingly Public Society, We Are Expected To Be Resilient, To Have The Energy To Manage A Packed Work Schedule, Social Calendar, And A Large Network Of Friends, Both Online And Offline, Day And Night If You Find Yourself Struggling To Live Up To, Or Even Enjoy, These Non Stop Social Expectations, Then This Book Is For YouWritten For Highly Sensitive People, The Book Explains The Characteristics Of Being Highly Sensitive And How To Overcome Common Difficulties, Such As Low Self Esteem And The Exhausting Effects Of Socialising Ilse Sand Also Encourages You To Explore And Appreciate The Advantages Of High Sensitivity, Including Your Aptitude For Depth, Intensity And Presence, And Suggests Activities To Calm And Inspire

About the Author: Ilse Sand

For many years Ilse Sand has been engaged in counseling highly sensitive people both as a pastor and as a psychotherapist Before she became a psychotherapist, public speaker and author, Ilse worked as parish pastor under the Danish National Church for eleven years until 2006.lIlse Sand has a Master s Degree in Theology from Aarhus University, where her Master s thesis was based on the works of Swiss Psychiatrist C.G Jung and Danish Philosopher S ren Kierkegaard The works of Jung and Kierkegaard has had an impact on both her personal life as well as her professional life and writing.Through her work as a pastor, Ilse Sand became interested in helping people on a deeper level, and she became educated in psychotherapy within Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Psycho Dynamic Therapy among others.

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    This book glosses on how to identify if you are a highly sensitive person HSP and then proceeds to guide HSPs in their daily life This book provides practical tips to overcome the internal and external struggles of HSPs.I could relate to a lot of the book s contents While I was familiar with some of the ideas, others were new This book may not have been life changing for me because I ve been re

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    A highly sensitive person is someone who has a sensitive nervous system, take in many impressions and get over stimulated That person feels much empathy, feel other people s feelings, doesn t like too much sound or light, thinks and reflect much about the world, is creative, gets bored of small talk, prefers deep conversations, cares much about people feeling good, and defend someone that is trea

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    In terms of managing heightened sensitivity to the constant bombardment of external stimuli in modern life such as noise, flickering video screens, general busyness and other peoples views and opinions this is a very good workbook.I have mixed feelings about the typology of a highly sensitive person on the one hand it can be very useful to discover that the character traits and ways of responding h

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    Huh, who would have thought I needed to hear so many of the things about something I ve been all of my life a highly sensitive person It was good.

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    It was interesting to learn about the highly sensitive person I picked up this book hoping to learnabout myself, but I m uncertain whether I can relate to the personality traits described Sand s claim that 1 in 5 peoples are highly sensitive seems like a stretch Some of the suggested coping mechanisms for overwhelming or overstimulating situations appear as an effort to mask reality rather than to acce

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    Clearly a nice guide for anyone who hits high sensitivity mark In today s world it s extremely easy with disturbing social networks behaviors Although superficial, the book mentions lots of therapeutic tools to cope with anxiety and being overly sensitive to life.

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    i remember reading Susan Cain s Quiet ages ago and that book turned out to be so eye opening to me, because i have always struggled with the notion of being an introvert , as i could kind of identify myself with the term, but also not really.this book is similar in its message, and i m glad i came across the description of highly sensitive people , of which, stated by this book, about 30% can still be extr

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    Oh, my dear friend Lucas.

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    I m beyond glad to encounter and finish reading this book So relatable and helpful

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    Very boring Nothing new, really.

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