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Finding Mr. Right It Takes A Heavenly Dog To Make A Hell Of A Match Right Before Her Untimely Death, Lydia Keane Made One Terrible Mistake She Had An Affair With Her Best Friend Amy S Husband Barred From The Afterlife Until She Makes Amends, Lydia Has Been Ordered Back To Earth For One Final Mission To Find Amy A New Husband But There Is Just One Small Catch Lydia Must Rely On Her Smarts Rather Than Her Centerfold Body Because She Has Been Reincarnated As A Mangy Stray Dog Although Lydia Was Always An Expert Matchmaker, She Never Had To Play Cupid While Trapped In The Body Of A Furry Mutt But If She Wants A Chance To Rest In Peace, Lydia Must Figure Out A Way To Find Amy The Most Handsome Bachelor In Town And Pray That Woman S Best Friend Can Spot True Love A friend gifted me a copy of this book after meeting my corgi It was such a fun and delightful read and I m amazed at how well the author captured the personality quirks of corgis A pure delight I cannot believe that I am rating a dime store romance novel four stars I do not like dime store romance novels This one however, is a cross between romantic comedy and dime store murder mystery with fun characters If you have ever owned a corgi, you will find Miss Piggy the superficial, self centered cheerleader reincarnated as a corgi absolutely hilarious I am thankful to my friend who gifted me a copy of this old book. I picked this up on a whim, because it had a corgi on the cover, and I have a corgi at home When I started listening, I discovered the story was set in the Denver area, which was another added bonus I guessed the twist almost as soon as it came into play, but there were still enough unanswered questions to keep my attention for the last bit of the book Satusfying romance novel, with a touch of action mystery, and fun with dogs. This series, about corgis, is my favorite by Emily They are so witty, you ll laugh out loud Corgis really are magical..so this concept is believableat least to me

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