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Bound by Desire The Magnificent Legend Of Steve And Ginny Morgan Continues As Their Headstrong, Ravishingly Beautiful Daughter, Laura, And Trent Challenger, The Untamed Rogue Determined To Possess Her, Defiantly Resist The Inevitable Longings Of Their Bodies And SoulsFrom Ecstasy In Parisian Boudoirs To Endless Nights Of London Pleasure And Dark Rituals In A Castle In Spain, Laura And Trent Are Tossed From Crest To Crest Of Ever Molten Desire Until At Last They Confront Their Destinies And Surrender To The Soaring Splendor Of A Love Beyond Time

About the Author: Rosemary Rogers

There isthan one author with this nameRosemary Jansz Navaratnam Rogers KadisonRosemary Jansz was born on 7 December 1932 in Panadura, Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka , she was the oldest child of Dutch Portuguese settlers, Barbara Allan and Cyril Jansz Her father was a wealthy educator who owned three posh private schools She was raised in colonial splendor dozens of servants, no work, summers at European spas, a chaperone everywhere she went A dreamy child, she wrote her first novel at eight, and all through her teens scribbled madly romantic epics in imitation of her favorite writers Sir Walter Scott, Alexandre Dumas and Rafael Sabatini.At 17, Rosemary rebelled against a feudal upbringing and went to the University of Ceylon, where she studied three years She horrified her family by taking a job as a reporter, and two years later marrying with Summa Navaratnam, a Ceylonese track star known as the fastest man in Asia The marriage had two daughters Unhappily, he often sprinted after other women Disappointed with her husband, in 1960, she moved with her two daughters and took off for London.In Europe she met her future second husband, Leroy Rogers, an african american He was the first man, she recalls, who made me feel like a real woman After getting a divorce from her first husband, she married Rogers in his home town, St Louis, Missouri They moved with her family to California, where she had two sons Six years later, when that marriage broke up, Rosemary was left with four children to support on her 4,200 salary as a typist for the Solano County Parks Department In 1969, in the face of a socialist takeover of Ceylon, her parents fled the island with only 100, giving Rosemary twodependents At 37, the rich girl from Ceylon was on her uppers in Fairfield.Every night for a year, Rogers worked to perfect a manuscript that she had written as a child, rewriting it 24 times When she was satisfied with her work, she sent the manuscript to Avon, which quickly purchased the novel That novel, Sweet Savage Love , skyrocketed to the top of bestseller lists, and became one of the most popular historical romances of all time Her second novel, Dark Fires , sold two million copies in its first three months of release Her first three novels sold a combined 10 million copies The fourth, Wicked Loving Lies sold 3 million copies in its first month of publication Rosemary Rogers became one of the legendaries Avon Queens of Historical Romance The difference between she and most of others romance writers is not the violence of her stories, it is the intensity She says My heroines are me , and certainly her life could be one of her novels.In September of 1984, Rosemary married a third time with Christopher Kadison, but it was a very brief marriage and they soon began to live apart I d like to live with a man, she admits, but I find men in real life don t come up to my fantasies I want culture, spirit and sex all rolled up together Today single, Rosemary lives quietly in a small dramatic villa perched on a crag above the Pacific near Carmel Her four children are now away from home and she continues to write.Rosemary passed away at the age of 87 on November 12, 2019 in Carmel, California where she called home since the early 1970s.

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    The last hurrah of a romance legend So many people get hung up on the negative with this rip roaring sexy novel that takes you from London to Paris to sensual Gibraltar Okay, Laura Morgan is impetuous and headstrong, and often acts before she thinks But hey, did you ever hear of the Hilton Sisters Laura is like that, and sure she tests her own body and her sensuality with every kind of sex you can thin

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    I loved the Ginny and Steve stories This was about their children as adults Loved that Ginny and Steve made appearances and there were many references about them too Made me laugh out loud Like Mother Like Daughter Like Father Like Son Great to witness how Ginny Steve s children s personalities turned out Towards the end, it was very intense, like the Steve Ginny stories Another good read I loved the Ginny and

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    My full review is here on my personal website I ll post a few excerpts here, though 3.5 out of 5.0 starsThe very worst thing about this book is that it just doesn t live up to expectations Rogers seems to have been goingfor shock value that story telling at some points.The very best thing about this book is that it certainly is entertaining My full review is here on my personal website I ll post a few excerpts here, t

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    I love her earlier books Plain and simple I have to wonder withs new rules and in many cases justifiably so against rape and incest, will this book no longer be available There are several rapes in the telling and mentions of incent between two of the characters.

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    Ginny has a daughter who is pretty much as head strong as her She is also very sexually active She is also in love with a man with a temper and lots of lust, but he protects his lady when others try to hurt her Back on the dollar coSter again.

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    After almost a month delay I have finally finished this saga This instalment was just downright awful The most schizophrenic novel I have ever read.Such a disappointing waste of time.

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