Reading ➿ Algorithms Unlocked Author Thomas H. Cormen –

Algorithms Unlocked This book is great as a first introduction to the formal study of algorithms It assumes no prior knowledge of algorithms analysis and a pretty basic knowledge of mathematics The author succeeds in explaining some complicated concepts simply for theor less lay reader As for m Definitely not as good and thorough as Introduction to Algorithms , but good enough for anyone looking a simpler introduction. This is the kind of book one wants to keep coming back to It is a crisp account of the different algorithms that run the world A very easy read The visceral treatment makes this book an introductory text I highly recommend this to anyone interested in knowing about algorithms. This book serves as a soft introduction to algorithms and how they work to solve real world problems,without any of the mathematical rigor In that sense this book is quite useful to someone who is new to programming or simply wants to understand how computer programs or algorithms work This is not a textbook the other book ie introduction to algorithms, coauthored by Cormen isappropriate that describes algorithm design techniques and certainly does not contain practice exercises at th A nice organized book and friendly to people who have little computer science background. Its like mini version of CLRS.Good to have after you have studied somethingthorough. Good algorithms book. For Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered How Computers Solve Problems, An Engagingly Written Guide For Nonexperts To The Basics Of Computer Algorithms. Not for the newbies. O pouco que li j nas primeiras p ginas me ajudou muito com as mat rias que estou estudando na faculdade um excelente livro

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