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The Alien Years Reading The Alien Years Robert Silverberg This rating was a tough one, if able I probably would have given it 2 1 2 stars and it probably deserves 3 just based on how well written it is But the rating given is in a large part based on my subjective enjoyment of the book and it all came down to this nagging unhappiness that kept creeping up on me throughout the book and good grief it s almost 500 pages long but I finished it and the huge letdown I felt at the ending.Even though most of the book is taken up with this one group family striving to accomplish something anything to get rid of the aliens the overall message felt like it was there s nothing anyone can ever do and when you do actually do something it won t amount to anything I m pretty sure that was the exact opposite of what the author was trying to convey based on a few paragraphs at the end, but truly that was the message that held through most of the book and the few paragraphs here and there that faintly gave a different message hardly amounted to a hill of beans against such overwhelming blah Okay, I get that these few who One of the best sci fi novels I have read in some time Silverberg has always been one of my favorites in this genre and in my opinion, this is one of his best The novel details an alien invasion over a 50 year period using one family, the Carmichaels, as a focus The Carmichaels struggle for years through several generations to try to rid the earth of the invaders with no success Any attempt at killing the invaders results in harsh reprisals including a virus that kills than half of earth s population The invaders seem to be invincible and use humans as slave labor During the invasion, many earthlings collaborate with the invaders and these quislings are hated and despised by the rest of humanity There are s What can I say about Silverberg, except that he s the greatest sci fi writer since Asimov His use of language, his amazing longevity as a published writer over 50 years , and his inventiveness are all legendary THE ALIEN YEARS is about surviving under alien domination, and spans decades of life in the occupied USA The characters are diverse an aging hippie, a cold blooded Muslim assassin, a prodigal son, and a renegade hacker, all combine to create a fascin This is my first novel by Silverberg, and it doesn t make me want to grab another book by him In this novel, set in the near future, aliens of greatly superior force and inscrutable motives invade and occupy Earth The story mostly follows one family, the Carmichaels of Southern California, over five decades as they cope and resist I rather liked that the eldest males in the line were named Anson Heinlein s middle name Nice homage that Early on the Carmichael patriarch, The Colonel, reflects that the invasion brings to mind Wells The War of the Worlds and expresses his frustration Wells resorted at the end to a deus ex machina and never really answered the question as to how to overcome an overwhelmingly superior force Ironic that Silverberg in this book makes not answering that question his theme The characters of the Carmichael clan are likable enough and Silverberg s style is readable, but there just wasn t anything here I found imaginative or thought provoking or caused me to connect with the characters in a way that made me care overmuch Too many important events happened off the page The chapters are very episodic in feel with years between the the end of one and the start of another I ve read several portions of this novel first appeared as short stories, which might explai

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